Core Thread 

What is Core Thread Technology?

Core Thread Technology is Deep Space's advanced approach to relational data structures. At its core, it leverages the principles of relational databases, where data is organised into tables and relationships are defined between these tables. By threading data from diverse sources, we create a relational framework that offers a deeper, interconnected understanding of construction projects.

What Does Core Thread Technology Do?

Core Thread Technology is fundamentally about establishing and leveraging relationships within data. By identifying primary and foreign keys, ensuring data normalisation, and optimising indexing, it integrates fragmented data into a unified, coherent structure. This structured approach not only enhances data visibility but also ensures data integrity and consistency.

Why Use Core Thread Technology?

In the multifaceted world of construction, data often resides in disparate systems, leading to information silos and potential inconsistencies. Core Thread Technology addresses this by centralising data in a relational manner, ensuring referential integrity and reducing data redundancy. This results in streamlined workflows, optimised data retrieval, and a robust foundation for advanced analytics.

Data Integration and Management

Deep Space's Core Thread Technology integrates with a range of industry-standard tools. With connectors and add-ins for platforms like Revit, and integrations with BIM360, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Revizto, ArcGIS, dRofus, and Factory Fabrication Sync, our technology ensures that data from these diverse sources is threaded together coherently, providing a unified view of your project's data landscape.

Real Challenges, Real Solutions

Construction projects generate vast amounts of complex data. Core Thread Technology addresses the intricacies of this data by establishing a relational schema that captures the nuances of each data point and its relationship to others, ensuring every piece of information is contextualised within the bigger picture.

Seamless Integration with Existing Tools

Core Thread Technology is designed to enhance, not replace. It integrates seamlessly with existing tools, translating and threading their data into its relational framework. This ensures continuity in established workflows while elevating data management capabilities.

Empowering Role-Based AI

While Core Thread Technology forms the foundational layer of our tech stack, it sets the stage for our advanced AI. By providing a structured, relational data environment, it enables our AI to deliver role-based insights, risk assessments, and recommendations with heightened accuracy.


Core Thread Technology goes beyond traditional data management. By harnessing the power of relational data structures, it offers a robust foundation for the construction industry's unique challenges, ensuring every stakeholder benefits from a data-driven, interconnected perspective.