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Project insights shouldn't be hard to find. Deep Space is an analytics platform that empowers your entire team to collect actionable insights and make confident project decisions.

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Easily configure a host federated Revit model to capture all data associated with the file and its links. Including all 2D annotation information, and Spatial Detection Data.

There is always so much more information than what can be seen in 3D or what's on a sheet. Data that could be used for estimating, procurement, quantification, auditing, progress tracking etc...

Finally, you can now see the big {data} picture...

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Any way you slice it

Once the data is synced to Deep Space you then visualise the vast information from different angles.

This enables each team member to slice and dice the data they need to get the full picture, whether they're looking a Room Data Sheets, Quantification, Model Delivery, or something else.

Deep Space does this with Apps

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Introducing Apps

Advanced Apps built for your team. Track progress, audit and quantify incoming information and inform your team where they need to focus on delivering your next project.

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An app for this, and that.

Like add-ons for your project, only add the app you or your team members need, not what you don't.

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Marketplace for Apps

Browse apps that are available and add them to your project.

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Included updates

Apps are updated and maintained for optimisation and efficiency.

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For the whole project

Share your insights with the whole project team.

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Expand and Print

Expand full screen for your presenation or print to pdf

Collect, Connect, Compare

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Collect data...

Easily configure and capture, all the data in your models, and Sync to a secure, dedicated, cloud-hosted platform.

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Connect data...

Connectand manage all types of data; ie Model Data, Time Data, Issue Tracking,Spatial info etc.

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Compare data...

Visualise the vast amount of Information and Data required to de-risk your project. Share with just your project team or across the whole organisation

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