Centralise project collaboration with an overview of teams, disciplines, and more.

The Teams app provides a comprehensive overview of your project's collaborative landscape. By centralising information on companies, disciplines, people, and teams, it ensures that project stakeholders have a clear understanding of roles, responsibilities, and affiliations. This holistic view facilitates better communication, coordination, and collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.

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In Deep Space, the following key data and relationships exist:

  • You have a Workspace
  • Within your Workspace, you created Projects
  • You upload Files to Projects
  • You allocate Files to Teams
  • Those Teams belong to the Project

To create Teams in DS Command:

  1. Navigate to your project in DS Command
  2. Select the Teams button at the top
  3. Begin adding Teams

To allocate Files to Teams in DS Command:

  1. Navigate to the Files list in DS Command (Files > BIM Files)
  2. Select and modify one or more Files
  3. Set the Team (team_bim_id) property correctly

Discipline Hierarchy

  • Discipline Group
  • Team Discipline
  • File Discipline

  • Project Overview: Gain a holistic view of your project's collaborative landscape.
  • Company Profiles: Access detailed profiles of every company involved in the project.
  • Discipline Breakdown: Understand the various disciplines contributing to the project.
  • People Directory: Browse through a directory of individuals involved, with their roles and affiliations.
  • Team Management: Organize, view, and manage various teams working on the project.
  • Deep Space Team Insights: Dive deeper into the concept and benefits of a Deep Space Team with integrated resources.