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Deep Space simplifies construction projects by saving time, providing clarity, and offering transparency to the entire construction team
– whether they are on-site or off-site.

We manage your data, so you can manage your projects and portfolio.

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A Construction Intelligence Platform That Makes Data Easy.

Every Phase. Every Build.

We provide construction professionals critical insights needed to make informed decisions, streamline operations and deliver your project.

Core Thread Technology (Core AI)

Our central platform for all project needs, Core AI enables effective data management and serves as the primary foundation for all project needs. It streamlines data integration, enhances project visibility, and significantly reduces time and resources.


Asset AI is designed to manage and transfer critical asset information. It ensures accurate handover and ongoing management, providing essential support to Commissioning Managers and Digital Engineers.


Estimator AI is a solution developed for Cost Estimators. It offers tools that enhance cost management accuracy and help keep projects within budget, ensuring financial efficiency.


Change AI is a solution for Change Management personnel. It offers real-time design and data source monitoring capabilities, facilitating effective adaptation to design changes and maintaining project continuity.


Coordinator AI provides high-level clash detection insights and risk-based actions. It's designed specifically for Project Coordinators, keeping projects on track and within budget.

Each of these solutions tackles construction challenges, improving data management and providing insights. With Deep Space, experience increased profitability, better collaboration, and less waste through role-based AI assistance.

Top Benefits of Deep Space for Digital Construction

Improved Project Performance

Deep Space offers a comprehensive solution for digital engineering and construction management challenges, addressing data acquisition, storage, and enabling digital automations and workflows. With advanced analytics, effortlessly track progress, monitor delivery, and enhance construction project performance.

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Manage project team's information models
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Gain critical project information and insight
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Take control of your deliverables
A Project Home Dashboard displaying the improved project performance with clear visualisation of project status and progress indicators.
A Model Elements Dashboard showcasing greater project visibility through organized and easily accessible model components and data.

Greater Project Visibility

Achieve real-time visibility across various data sources within construction projects, providing a transparent view of project developments. Empower BIM professionals, digital engineers, and project stakeholders to review information, query data, and share reports for improved collaboration and decision-making.

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Sync to secure dedicated cloud platform
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Connect multiple datasets
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Compare vast amount of information and data


Leveraging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Space streamlines the process of categorising and analysing patterns in large datasets generated by building information modelling (BIM) systems. Make data-driven decisions to accelerate construction projects from design to operations, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined construction process.

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Track Data Drops with Descriptive Analytics
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Use Predictve Analytics to see where you're heading
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Prescriptive Analytics suggests of changes
Model Dashboard displaying analytics over time, illustrating data-driven decision-making capabilities in the construction process.

Powerful features for Digital Engineers

Explore the features that make Deep Space an indispensable tool for digital engineers, BIM professionals, and construction teams, streamlining processes and enhancing project outcomes.

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Revit Addin

Effortlessly integrate with Revit models. Our Addin can be downloaded and installed directly into the ribbon, simplifying data acquisition workflows.

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Leverage our Core Thread Technology, allowing multiple datasets to be seamlessly connected and enhancing analytics across various platforms.

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Utilise powerful apps that offer different visualisations and analytics, unlocking the full potential of your digital engineering and construction data.

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Invite your entire project team to visualize and interact with data deliverables, fostering better collaboration and communication among all stakeholders.

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Scheduled Sync

Set up the Revit Addin to consistently sync data on a schedule, ensuring that your project data is always up to date and easily accessible.

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Harness AI tools and data analytics that provide deep insights into your project data, supporting informed decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Power up Your Project with Apps

Enhance your analytics and project capabilities by integrating Deep Space Apps into your digital engineering and construction workflows. Discover a wide range of Apps designed to support and elevate your project performance.

Deep Space: A Collaborative Platform for the Whole Team

Deep Space is a Digital Engineering and Digital Construction software platform designed to bring together the whole project team. Digital Engineers, BIM professionals, other construction industry stakeholders, even owner/developers, fostering efficient collaboration and streamlining the Digital Construction process.

Deep Space for BIM Managers

Deep Space is ideal for BIM Managers, some would say it is a Virtual BIM Manager in the cloud.

It reveals the entire contents of your project, enabling you to manage your models a whole lot easier, without even opening Revit.

Model Dashboard displaying analytics of model errors and warnings, highlighting the benefits of Deep Space for BIM Managers.

Deep Space for Tendering Teams

Gain a competitive edge with Deep Space by enhancing your tendering team's ability to access and analyse digital engineering and construction data, resulting in more accurate and compelling proposals.

If Excel is part of your workflow, you can even export and download your data.

Deep Space for Procurement

Streamline procurement processes with Deep Space by providing your procurement team with real-time access to project information, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimise cost management.

Spatial detection can reveal what elements are in what rooms even if they're in separate Revit Models.

What is Digital Engineering?

What is Digital Engineering in Construction? Digital engineering in construction is the use of various integrated digital technologies and solutions to enhance the design, delivery and management of construction projects throughout their entire lifecycle. It involves creating, capturing and integrating data using a digital (Engineered) skillset, and using advanced technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to craft design, test performance, collaborate with project teams, and improve efficiency and innovation.

However, digital engineering in construction is not just about using digital tools or software applications, but about unlocking the power and various functions of data for better project outcomes. It requires a clear understanding of the fundamental engineering principles as well as the emerging technologies that are transforming the construction industry. Digital engineering in construction offers many benefits for both project teams and clients. It enables more collaborative and productive methods of project delivery and management throughout an asset’s lifecycle. It optimises design decisions and drives smart construction processes that reduce costs, risks, environmental impact and time. It enhances operational efficiency and asset management by providing a single source of truth for all project data. It also fosters innovation and creativity by allowing project teams to test multiple design options in a virtual environment.

Discover more about the vital role Digital Engineering plays in the Construction read more here ⇾

Maximise ROI with Deep Space

Unlock the full potential of digital engineering and experience substantial return on investment (ROI) by incorporating Deep Space's advanced construction management solutions into your projects.

Streamlined Model Auditing

BIM Manager needs to Audit another iteration of models. Normally this takes most of the week. With Deep Space, the task is a lot easier. The platform automatically schedules data syncing, allowing the BIM Manager and modelling team to review the information in real-time, saving valuable time

Data Management

With Deep Space's Variations app, the project team easily identified a significant design change that had taken place, with the volume of concrete at Level 4 having increased by 20%. The builder was able to quickly address the issue by communicating with the client and securing a variation to cover the difference.

Improved Coordination and Issue Resolution

The Deep Space Revizto App helped a Project Coordinator spot a critical issue that was over 60 days old. Thanks to the app, they were able to promptly review and resolve the issue, ultimately saving the company thousands of dollars on the job site.

By incorporating Deep Space's cutting-edge digital engineering and digital construction management solutions, your project teams can benefit from improved efficiency, seamless data management, automated workflows, and advanced collaboration. These advantages lead to tangible cost and time savings, resulting in an increased return on investment for your projects.

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We Get It!

At Deep Space, we know all about technological transformation, and we get the challenges of implementing digital processes and new emerging technologies in the design process, during construction or across an organisation. That’s why our software platform and digital solutions do all the heavy lifting through the entire lifecycle. Whether it's a design team's information modeling, during a traditional engineering phases or the in construction phase, or even at handover with asset management solutions, digital information in a connected data environment is the new reality for buildings and infrastructure! Deep Space will help you on your next construction project, and begin to de risk from planning to the construction field and work site.

Deep Space, The one Digital Engineering Platform you need on your next construction project.


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